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Jyväskylä Dance Institute provides high-quality and goal-oriented dance teaching and Basic education in the art of dance. We offer dance classes for every age group: children, young, adults and seniors. Our dance studios can be found very easily, as they are located in the city center of Jyväskylä.

From our versatile timetable you can choose different dance styles with the right level and hours that fit your need. The curriculum is based on the grounds of the curriculum determined by The Ministry of Education. In addition, we are a member of The Association of Dance Institutes in Finland, STOPP ry.


Schedule for spring semester 2018.

New classes for spring semester starts 20.1:

Adult ballet beginners 1 nr 155 saturday 13.30-14.40 VAP2
Street dance beginners 1 7-9 years nr 171 saturday 11.30-12.15 KAL ala
Street dance beginners 1 10-12 years nr 172 saturday 12.15-13.15 KAL ala
Street dance beginners 1 over 13 years nr 173 saturday 13.15-14.15 KAL ala


Registration for classes begins in 1st of August. On the same day an online registration form will be open on the Jyväskylä Dance Institute’s webpage.

Registration for regular classes is mainly done in the beginning of the fall semester. The registration is valid for the whole academic year, both fall and spring semesters. Places for classes will be filled in the order of registration. In addition, your registration automatically binds you to follow the school’s rules. It is also possible to take students into classes in the middle of the year, if there are places left. Please inform the office every time you make any changes to your classes.


Make the registration via the ONLINE ENROLMENT FORM.
We will inform whether or not you fit for the class(es) you signed up for.


Book a place via email at or by phone +358 443 699 700 (from mon to fri 9-16). Fill a registration form (pdf) and return it to teacher before the first class or to our office (Vapaudenkatu 48-50). You can also send the registration form by posting it to the Jyväskylä Dance Association, Tuohitie 3, 40320, JKL


Vapaudenkatu 48-50, ground floor (The door on the right)
Phone: 044 36 99 700
Student issues, changes in classes, billing
Open mon-fri 9:00 – 15:30

Office is closed at summer 22.6-25.7. Please contact us by email at the summer. We answer email weekly.

Vapaudenkatu 48- 50, ground floor (entrance through the inner court of Väinönkatu) and Kalervonkatu 8.

Jyväskylän Tanssiopisto – Jyväskylän Tanssiyhdistys ry
Tuohitie 3
40320 JKL

Jyväskylän Tanssiopisto – Jyväskylän Tanssiyhdistys ry
Nordea FI93 1045 3000 1591 69

Tuija Nikkilä
Phone: 044 36 99 700


You can see the tuition fees for 2017-2018 for the members of the Jyväskylä Dance Association from the chart below.

For others the tuitions are 40€ higher. You can become a member by joining The Jyväskylä Dance Association when registering for classes. The membership fee will be paid along with the fall semester fee. The membership fee is 20€ a year.

If a student goes to different length classes, the longest class is always charged first.
E.g.: A student (member ) has three classes a week: 75 min + 60 min + 45 min. Prices 200 € + 125 € + 90 € = whole tuition fee 415 € (others 535 €).

The tuition fee is paid twice a year. The bills are posted to students in September and in February and they are paid by due date. It is also possible to make different arrangements with the payment before the due date. However, there is an 11% penalty interest and a 5 € notice payment added to the reminder if bills are not paid on time. After the second reminder the debt collection will be operated by the collection agency.

With long-term absence it is possible to pay only for half a semester.

Lesson length 1 lesson a week 2 lessons a week 3 lessons a week over 3 lessons a week
45 min 155 € + 110 € + 90€
60 min 180 € + 125 € + 100 € pass 440-520 €
75 min 200 € + 135 € + 110 € pass 440-520 €
90 min 220 € + 145 € + 120 € pass 440-520 €


UNLIMITED DANCE PASS Includes an unlimited amount of dance classes. For members the price is 520€, for others 590€.

INTENSIVE EDUCATION GROUP PASSES (EK-pass) are only for those who have been chosen into the EK-groups. Among the regular classes it includes performances, group practices and theoretical lessons. The pass price is calculated based on the weekly amount of classes.

Small EK-PASS 390 € Includes from 3 to 4 classes per week
Medium EK-PASS 440 € Includes from 5 to 6 classes per week
Large EK-PASS 490 € Includes from 7 to 8 classes per week

Single classes (15€ each) are paid before the class in cash to the teacher. You can try out one class for free.

A tailored class for a group in Jyväskylä Dance Institute’s studios is 100 €/60 min.

Sport and culture passes are also suitable methods of payment.


If you’re absent from a dance class, you can ask for compensation tickets from your teacher. These compensation tickets can be used for either same level or lower level dance classes. Classes should mainly be made up during the same semester, but the compensation tickets can also be used during the next semester, if the student pays the minimum semester fee (in fall and spring semester it’s half of the semester fee, in summer semester it’s the smallest pass price). In longer cases of illness it is possible to use the compensation tickets later during forthcoming semesters.


When you commit to your dance classes for the whole academic year or at least for a semester, your classes will be cheaper. By paying the tuition fee the price per class is about 8-12€ depending on the class length. Dance classes during shorter periods of time than a semester are priced as the one-time payment, which is 15€ per lesson. All tuition fees include the full 16 teaching weeks in fall and 17 teaching weeks in spring.

With the Jyväskylä Dance Association 20€ membership fee per year, you receive a considerable discount (40€/hour in a week) to your tuition fee.

DANCE PASS DISCOUNTS The more classes per week the cheaper the price per class is. At its cheapest it can be under 2€ a class.

FAMILY DISCOUNT is 15€ per semester for every student living in the same household. The discount doesn’t apply to dance passes, special education group passes, competition group fees, half-semester fees or in addition to the student discount.

FRIEND DISCOUNT Every friend of yours who you personally invite to start as a new student in the Dance Institute, entitles you to a 10€ discount from your next year’s tuition fee.

STUDENT DISCOUNT Over 18 year-old students who don’t live in the same household with their parents are entitled to a 30€ discount from tuition fees by delivering a copy of their student card and study certificate to the office. However, the student discount doesn’t apply to any passes, competition group fees, half-semester fees or in addition to the family discount.

SENIOR DISCOUNT 60+ lessons are -30% from the normal price. It is not attachable to any other discounts.